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Perfume needs skin contact

If you've never thought about where perfume actually lasts the longest, you're either instinctively doing it right - or have always done it wrong. Because the rule of thumb is actually quite simple: to develop its full note, perfume needs skin contact. And to make it last especially long, fragrance fanatics spray best where the skin is warm - where the pulse beat can be felt. So there are a few places on the body where perfume lasts especially long: on the wrist, neck, temple, between the chest, behind the earlobes, in the back of the knees, on the neck or even on the hip.

Tip 1: Spray a spritz of your perfume on each of the places where you feel your pulse, and you'll have something from the scent for an extra long time.

Apply cream before spraying perfume

If you think that's it, and it wasn't that complicated: It only starts with the right place. Have you ever had the feeling that the same perfume smelled completely different on two people? That has to do with the type of skin the person has. If someone has particularly dry skin, a perfume will never last as long or smell as intense as on someone who has rather oily or oily skin.

Tip 2: Before spraying on the perfume, simply apply an odorless body lotion or some petroleum jelly to the skin, let it work in briefly and only then apply the perfume to the area. This way, the fragrance has a better base and smells longer and more intense.

Perfume has no place on hair

Whether it's a visit to a snack bar or a pub crawl: our hair in particular absorbs odors quickly - so perfume lovers may well be inclined to apply their favorite scent to their hair. But be careful: perfume contains alcohol and thus dries out the hair. This may not be noticeable in a spritz. But if you regularly treat your hair to a scented bath, you will end up with dry ends and brittle and fragile hair in the long run.

Tip 3: In any drugstore can now buy special hair perfume, which also contains perfumed fragrances, but these in a much smaller dose that does not harm our hair.

Perfume only on certain clothes

Of course, there is nothing against spreading some perfume on your clothes as well. But: Please only on natural materials like cotton or wool. On synthetic clothing, the fragrances cannot develop properly. And: Always keep at least ten centimeters away from the clothing so that no stains can occur on sensitive materials - such as velvet.

Tip 4: If you only want to get a whiff of the perfume on your clothes, spray the scent into the air at body height and walk through it. This way, no stains are guaranteed to appear and the scent will only discreetly adhere to the clothing.

Do not rub!

Everyone has seen it before and probably done it themselves: the perfume is applied to the wrist - which is a good place thanks to the pulse beat. And then both wrists are rubbed together to, we think, spread the perfume. Every perfume expert would like to shout "No, don't do that" at this moment. Because: when the wrists are rubbed together, the scent molecules are broken up and the scent disappears again more quickly.

Tip 5: If you have sprayed too much perfume on your wrist, just dab the corresponding area on other parts of the body to keep the scent intense.

Here are the most common spraying techniques we recommend:

- The two spray technique for light and long-lasting fragrance:
One spray of perfume behind each ear.

- The three spray technique for an intense and long-lasting scent:
One spray behind each ear, and one spray on the back of the head.

- The five spray technique for a strong and intense fragrance:
One spray behind each ear, plus one spray on the back of the head and two sprays on the left and right chest.